"Coaching is allowing every person the opportunity to listen and choose their own path

at the heart level, and to create from that place anything that they deeply desire."

[icon image="heart" align="center" width="30"]Julie Woodburn, Life Purpose Coach, CLC, CSC.

Blocks & Fears

Together we will assess blocks & fears that may be hindering you in your current situation, whether it is your life, career, or relationships.

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It's Already Within You

The tools you need are already inside of you, coaching just allows you access and knowledge on how to use them!

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Adressing Fears

By identifying these fears in a loving way, I can help you move beyond them, to a place of love and acceptance.

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Using Your New Understanding

Coaching teaches how to use the innate wisdom that is within all of us to shine brightly in each and every situations life brings.

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Goal Setting

The process of coaching includes setting goals and, through positive influence, getting help in actually achieving those goals.

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Coaching teaches healing processes and techniques so that you can continue improving yourself for the rest of your life!

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