My biggest passion is helping other people help themselves!

~Julie Woodburn, CLC, CSC.~

Step 1:

Fill out intake form and complete the first Free core session. Decide with Julie’s help which package is best for you!

Step 2:

Assess blocks and fears, and begin positive voice dialog. Start setting goals and get help in reaching those goals!

Step 3:

Learn how to meditate and start visualizing the life you want to live. You are the person who is going to create the best You!

Step 4:

Enjoy the benefits of both Phone and Skype sessions, where you work through the ups and downs of making major life changes.

Step 5:

Learn Healing Process Techniques to ensure that your well being and knowledge continues to grow with you forever!

Step 6:

Live the Life of Your Dreams. You deserve the very best, and it’s time that You realize it. What is Your highest vision of You?


  • The one word I could use to describe her coaching style is transcendental. Julie has this way of slowly moving you through certain obstacles with ease, sympathy and understanding. She is extremely kind, and I don’t mean that lightly. She was reaffirming and made me believe with all my heart that my life could only get better.

    TraceyImageTracey L. RogersEmpowered to Live an Empowered Life, Tracey L. Rogers, LLC.
  • Julie and I came into each others lives at the perfect time. I was looking for someone that could help me with my goal setting and goal REACHING. She was looking for someone to get info about her abilities out into the web. Together we made a great team. Julie was always there at the perfect moment to check in and keep me on track. I look forward to working with Julie both personally and professionally in the future!

    Jessica ImageJessica LoraineOwner, LoraineDrop Design, LLC.